Wedding Planning

Basically your best friend in the months before your wedding, organizing every little detail from helping you to choose the best dress, to sitting each of your guests, a  Wedding Planner is always there for you.

Among other things, your Wedding Planner Ambares coordinates:

  • Bachelorette party
  • Suggested locations, venues and vendors
  • Suggested times for each action
  • Appointments with vendors
  • Selection of vendors
  • Recruitment, control scheme and payments
  • List of activities of the Bride
  • Procedures for Civil and Religious Wedding
  • List of needs  for each activity (civil and religious wedding,party)
  • Dressing code for the staff
  • Placing shelves for your gifts
  • Appointments for  the wedding day
  • Amenities for tables and bathrooms
  • Hostesses for the event
  • Computer guests registry
  • Security guards and Valet Parking
  • Stationary labeling  (invitations and thank you cards)
  • Your wedding website
  • Shipping service
  • Confirmations and sitting cards
  • arrangement of tables map at the entrance

After the party:

  • Control of bottles
  • Control of amenities and tableclothes.
  • Closing extra pay bills with vendors.
  • Photographs and video delivery
  • Honeymoon

Working closely with your Designer and Event Producer, every little detail in your wedding will be perfect, from the engagement day to the “I do!”